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Windows 10 software update 2020

Updates are distributed daily via Windows Update, but there are also large updates that are distributed (usually) twice a year in addition to Windows Update, which is distributed monthly.

Windows 10 software update 2020
Windows 10 software update 2020
Currently the Windows version is called "Windows 10", but such large Windows 10 software update are assigned a detailed version number of 4 digits such as "Windows 10 version 1803" or "Windows 10 version 1903" The feature is that there is.

However, immediately after such a large update, it is also time to increase the number of users who experience problems.

As a countermeasure that can be taken in the event of such troubles, it is possible to restore the version that has been raised by Windows Update once in Windows 10 . The undo function is a function called "Revert to the previous version of Windows 10" in the "Recovery" function. The "version" mentioned here is a detailed version number such as "1903" introduced earlier, and by using this function from "1903", for example, "1809" used before And so on.

you can't wait for a fix update for the latest version of the bug, or your software is not compatible with the latest Windows, you need to wait for a compatible update, but you want to use it immediately It is very useful when

it is different from a function that can completely restore everything to its original state, so I think that it is not something that can be done with no risk itself, but it is better to not return to the original state as much as possible, This time, I tried to actually return the version, so I will introduce the method, procedure flow, and time required at that time.

You can check the Windows 10 software update 2020 by following these steps . This time, Windows 10 version 1903 has been changed back to Windows 10 version 1809.

Windows 10 software update 2020

Windows 10 before Windows Update

  1. To use the "Revert to previous version of Windows 10" feature, first click the "Windows logo button (Start button)" at the bottom left of the screen , then click the "Settings”
  2. Then, click "Update and Security"
  3. Then, you can see "Windows Update" screen will be displayed . Select "Recovery" from the tab on the left .
  4. The items "Return this PC to the initial state", "Return to the previous version of Windows 10", "Customize the trajectory of the PC" were displayed. 
  5. "Revert to a previous version of Windows 10 (if not this version work, previous Please try to return to the version)" to a certain to click the "start" button was
  6. Then, "Restore to previous build" screen was displayed.
  7. And  chose the reason in "Please tell me why I want to revert to the previous version " and clicked "Next" :
  8. Next, "Do you want to check for updates?" Is displayed. This time, I chose "No" .
  9. Next, "What you need to know" was displayed. After confirming the contents , click "Next" :
  10. This process can be time consuming and you will not be able to use your PC until it is complete. With the PC connected to the power supply, leave the power on.

After restoration

  • Some apps and programs will need to be reinstalled.
  • Changes made to the settings after installing the latest build will be lost.
  • Have you backed up your user files? Normally, these will not be affected, but it is recommended that you back them up.
  • Next, "Be careful not to be locked out" is displayed. Check the contents and click "Next" :
  • Finally, the "Thank you for trying this build" screen was displayed, and you clicked the "Restore to previous build"
  • Restart starts immediately after this, but although Chrome was started, it was forcibly restarted without displaying any particular confirmation.
  •  so click Restore to previous build '' Before the application that should be closed ends, it seems better to save the file being edited.

Restoring previous version of Windows

Then, it was restarted immediately, and the white text " Restoring previous version of Windows ... " was displayed on the dark screen 
  1. This screen is likely to wait for a while on this screen.
  2. However, the screen was over shortly and was returned to the login screen sooner than expected.
  3. This completes the work of logging in again and returning the version.
  4. it was less than 4 minutes including the restart time, the version of Windows 10 was returned and the login screen was displayed (returned from version 1903 to version 1809).
  5. The time required may vary depending on the performance of the PC and individual circumstances, but compared to what has been done a lot when updating, there seems to be a chance to finish soon, such as no download time.

How to check your Windows 10 build number

  • Open Run (Win + R) by specifying the file name and enter "winver" to execute . It's that simple.

Another way to check

There is also a way to proceed with a mouse click, such as " Start button (Win) → Settings → System → Version information ".

Final Words

I hope that you all enjoy this article 'Windows 10 software update 2020' very well.
This was an important update of Windows 10 which I thought I should share with you, so I wrote this post.
Now if you like this article so please share this with your friends and family! Thank You.

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